Sunday, August 17, 2014

Teaching: Start the Year Off Right!


As the summer winds down here in NY, the teachers are inevitably thinking about getting back into the classroom.   For myself, I have found that if I at least have a few key procedures, handouts, and files in place,  I can begin the year feeling organized and prepared.  The items below in red are samples, suggestions, and / or printables.  Feel free to use any or all that you find useful.

Procedures and Arrangements to Consider:

This file box has files labeled 1-31 to correspond with
 the days of the month.  I temporarily put extra handouts
 in file marked with the date they were used in class.
If a student is absent they know where to go
 to get missing handouts.

  • Entering and Exiting the classroom
  • Checking Homework Completion
  • Correcting homework
  • Returning homework
  • What if a student is absent?
  • Borrowing books
  • Borrowing supplies
  • Bathroom Procedures
  • What happens when a rule is broken? (Consequences have to be clear and spelled out)
  • Storing homework / classwork/ projects / tests 
  • Storing Supplies and Manipulatives
  • Room Arrangement -  groups?  how many per group?  centers?  storage?  traffic flow? during tests?

Handouts / Things you should have:

File Category Suggestions:

  • School Memos
  • Calendars
  • Professional Development (articles / handouts)
  • Meeting Notes
  • Extra Class Lists
  • Testing Information (Dates / Procedures)
  • Test Scores (Student data)
  • Extra Parent Handouts
  • Notes from parents
  • Copies of notes to parents
  • Office Business ( Book lists / furniture inventory / teacher's choice receipts)
  • Schedules
  • Special Needs Information
  • Standards
  • Curriculum Maps / Unit Plans
  • Copies of Important emails
  • Per Session Papers
  • TO -DO file (requires attention and response)
  • Copies of Anecdotals

Click HERE to create file labels using template 5266 or AVERY 5066

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